Eating Out

A Historical Estate Amid the Bordeaux Vines

The area comes alive with restaurants during the summer. We are able to help you with a few local suggestions to start the ball rolling…listed by approximate distance from Les Remparts…excludes restaurants in Libourne, Saint Emilion, Bergerac, Bordeaux as there are so many.


Le Pati'o, Gensac

  • Rue des allees, Gensac
  • +33 9 55 66 33 26
  • no website

The most recent reincarnation of Le Gensake run by the wonderful Jean Claude and Evelyne. Fantastic range and food quality with back patio to escape the sun and warm indoor log fire to escape the winter cold. Fantastic bar area.


Cafe de la Paix, Gensac

  • Rue des allees, Gensac
  • +33 5 57 47 46 49
  • no website

A few meters from the Maison les Remparts, a lovely little café/restaurant can prepare you an appetizing lunch or dinner, particularly pizza. A welcoming and friendly atmosphere will welcome you at the door, views across the Dureze valley and a pool table.


Gensac 'Mardi' Pizza Van!

The pizza van comes to Gensac every Tuesday evening and is usually very busy. It is best to make your order when he arrives and return later when ready.


Le Pessaquai, Pessac

  • 1 place du Pont, le Bourg, Pessac sur Dordogne 33890
  • +33 5 57 47 41 04

This restaurant used to be based in Gensac until they moved to bigger premises. Fish & chips is a favourite on a Friday night! Booking is necessary for the evening.


Palma Nova, Pessac

  • 2 Rue du Marechal Ferrand, Pessac-sur-Dordogne 33890
  • +33 6 22 17 61 54

A summer restaurant literally on the edge of the Dordgne near to the canoe rental. A walk from Les Remparts if you can face walking back up the hill!


L'Ardoise, Saint Seurin

  • 3 Route du Perigord, Saint-Seurin-de-Prats
  • +33 5 53 58 80 16

Located just after crossing the bridge over the Dordgne on the way out of Pessac. Booking is necessary.


Restaurant La Gare, Velines

  • 1 Rue de la Gare, 24230 Vélines
  • +33 5 53 57 48 62

This restaurant is in the old ticket office at Velines station.


Chateau De Sanse, Sainte- Radegonde

  • 1 Lieu Dit, Sainte-Radegonde 33350
  • +33 5 57 56 41 10

This is a hotel/ restaurant with great views from the terrace. A scenic 30 minutes walk from Les Remparts.


Chateau Font-Vidal, Juillac

  • Chateau Font-Vidal, Juillac, 33890
  • +33 6 50 72 79 64 Text or Whatsapp preferred
  • Email:

This is a private Chateau that you may also visit for wine tasting. Run by Claire who is also a fluent english speaker and friend of Les Remparts. Chateau Font-Vidal organises different foodtrucks every Thursday. Booking is required a day or two before as they provide the seating and only have a limited capacity. Claire’s contact details are attached.

On 20th July they are also holding a live concert tribute to the Rolling Stones.

They are holding night markets on 29 July and 19 August.


Le P'tit Flaujaguais

  • 39, Le Bourg-Sud, 33350 Flaujagues
  • +33 5 57 41 55 86

This restaurant is in the centre of Flaujagues, a village on the side of the Dordogne.


Au Four de la Rive, Mouliets

  • 66bis Av. de la Dordogne, Mouliets-et-Villemartin 33350
  • +33 5 40 20 16 52

On the side of the Dordogne river on the route to Castillon.


Chez Sylvie, Pujols

  • 12 Pl. du General de Gaulle, Pujols 33350
  • +33 5 57 40 50 10
  • no website

This is really for long lunches. The salads are excellent and the food is good value. Booking is necessary.


Guinguette-La Plage, Castillon

  • 2 Rue Saint-Exupery, Mouliets-et-Villemartin, 33350
  • +33 5 57 40 35 48

La Plage is directly alongside the Dordogne on the south side with great views towards Castillon. Booking is necessary.


Bucket's, Montazeau

  • Le Bourg, Montazeau, 24230
  • +33 9 83 43 14 41

This is a serious restaurant 20 minutes or so by car from Les Remparts in a quiet setting. Booking necessary.


Restaurant O petit Gavroche, Montpon

  • 10 Rue Mal Foch, 24700 Montpon Menesterol
  • +33 5 53 80 04 01
  • no website

This restaurant is a little further than others but some friends said it was good so I thought I’d include it.


Tan Phat, Bergerac

  • 131 Rte de Bordeaux, Bergerac 24100
  • +33 5 53 73 20 40

On the way to Bergerac, particularly for families wanting to eat as much as they like! Good food (not French food) extremely popular with the locals. There are many other fast food restaurants in this area, e.g., Panda King, as well as some larger stores for shopping.