A Historical Estate Amid the Bordeaux Vines

The Maire keeps the village informed of all activities and events very well and you can view the latest information here. The page of activities for 2023 is shown here.There are also filmed videos of Gensac since 2010 here.



There is a pool table in the Cafe de la Paix. 

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Painting & Photography

Painting is also a favourite pastime for some in the village. There is an active photography club in the village which exhibits from time to time.


Gironde Orchestra

Concerts of the Chamber Orchestra of the Gironde take place in the Gensac church every August led by the accomplished conductor, Scott Sandmeir.


Gensac Festivities

There are normally events in the Town Hall Square in July and August, including so called Night Markets. 


Walking Tour / Museum

There are tours in summer are available to reveal the history of the village and also a museum. Enquire at the Mediatheque. 

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Annual Brocante

Once a year there is a large Brocante in Gensac on the first Sunday in August, which consumes the village and a great place to touch and smell old France!


Summer Fair

A fair comes to town every summer for the Fete National (14th July) with all the usual amusements and fireworks.



There is a library, media centre and tourist information just two minutes walk from Les Remparts. This journey is suitable for children and is a safe journey alone. 


Festival of Wool!

There is a wool festival – Festival du Mouton – in the village each year, with stalls and exhibits.


Outdoor Concerts

Members of the Gironde orchestra, led by Scott Sandmeir, play outdoors once a year in August.



There are good quality tennis courts in Gensac and Pessac which are both open to the public. Booking is made at the Tourist Office.



The petanque court can be seen from both Village and Courtyard bedrooms and next to the children’s play area.