Our Vision

Our purpose is to facilitate leaders and teams to deliver extraordinary results and we aim to do this in a very niche way. The owner was inspired to create this venue for a corporate purpose having spent many years in business, working for large FTSE 100 sized companies, often experiencing poor quality UK venues with no ‘wow factor’ and little interest in anything more than selling accommodation. 

Today the pressures on quality venues is rising sharply with the rise of remote working and the additional pressures that this imposes on motivating a high performing team.

So we have invested heavily in creating a modern venue in a truly un-corporate setting, a medieval estate in the one of France’s finest villages surrounded by open countryside and vineyards which will inspire guests to perform at their best. There is nothing better to stimulate learning, thinking and connecting than a venue with great views, opportunity to hear the birds singing, sun on your face and being able to walk in beautiful countryside.

As we have only one venue all of our focus is on Les Remparts and our focus is with clients seeking a relationship with us, enabling their guests to get to know and love the venue over time and really look forward to their next visit.